Online Sessions - Humano Puente - English Version

Modalidad Online


Thank you for this step. It is important that you read all this texts that describes this activity.

It is so good that we are together about to take this step. Every awakening being is a little part of the whole contributing to the general awakening. As Pablo Almazán says, the way to heal my entire Universe is by healing myself. This is what Humano Puente’s path is about. The absolute certainty that all I have in front of me, is just me.

This first step, the one of the Sessions, can be made in person or online. Online Sessions, now with English subtitles, are a wonderful opportunity to have a first, and deep encounter with Humano Puente’s point of view, the current that came to give a new logic in what is commonly known as bio-currents, engaging the unfolding time theory but utilizing the possibilities provided by this theory, now fully accepted and announced as a law.

Along with that, all the integration with the biological and evolutive aspect of symptoms, post-Hamer aspects, symbols, archetypes, unconscious deprograming and reprograming and the ancient ancestral and shamanic knowledge. This is the comprehensive approach which, in this last years, caused them to be more than two thousand Consultants who are constantly receiving and applying this knowledge, every time in more countries, coming from different symptoms, currents and points of view to incorporate, now, this complete approach, this mind and spirit opening proposed by Pablo to all those who have been encouraged, may be because of a symptom, to be born into a new existence.


Below this text you will find an introductive video which will clarify many things and where you will be able to see (this is for the part of the mind that always wants to know things in advance) what are the subjects and symptoms that are going to be explained in the Online Sessions. But the most important thing is that here you will start to see things with a new logic, in a simple and didactic way. This is a new, and at the same time, very old logic, the one that will allow you to see again. To see what has been always there but became invisible.


We hope that you enjoy your steps. We have investigated and we have allowed ourselves to feel a different way to offer online activities. A way that doesn’t require schedules and doesn’t have any limit in the amount of times you can make this activity. Because this is presented in a series of videos that are accompanied by some very simple questions, in order to anchor awareness, you may enjoy this experience as many times you want and without the necessity to fix schedules. We recommend you to watch it step by step, with no hurries. Sometimes anxiety makes you miss subtle tastes of a good dish. Enjoy it bite to bite, rest, dream and observe what your subconscious showed you that night. Try not to be immersed in daily toxic or stressing environments. Try to be as close as possible to nature, to what you like doing.

Once you have access to the Online Sessions, Humano Puente guarantees you will have access for at least 60 days. This does not mean that then you won't be able to access any more, but 60 days is the period you will have guaranteed, in order for you to take your time.

There are lots of people from many different parts of Mother Earth that have made this online activity. Here we leave some comments we really appreciate. Please when you finish the activity send us yours.


“Congratulations! I loved it! I would like to keep participating in other steps, like obesity seminaries and any others you have. I beg you to tell me how can I keep following your path. Please tell me what else you have to do online besides this first course. So thankful, I await your news. Cheers.” (Milu from Spain)


“It is incredible how much I discovered about myself, about my history and about my clan. This should be communicated around the whole world”. (Javier from Colombia)


“This is how I expected to find an online activity. It has really been a permanent joy and my head hasn’t stop spinning around. Its content is very generous and the way I could watch it was very comfortable. Congratulations for this new and so powerful way of communicating. (Marie from Sydney, Australia)


“Don’t miss the opportunity! How blind I’ve been my whole life. Thank you! (Elena from Quito, Ecuador)

“I want to take the next steps. This is really mobilizing and healing. Is it possible that my lumbar pain has disappeared during this activity? Because it did!” (Monica from Argentina)


“Definitely I what to dedicate myself to this miracle you are sharing. Thank you Humano Puente. The world has become smaller due to Internet. Thank you!” (Martin from Mexico)


“I really enjoyed this course!! Congratulations Pablo for the huge knowledge you share in these videos and to all those who helped him doing it. I will watch it again, slowly, until the opening”. (Luisa from Argentina).


“Even after finishing the Online Sessions a few minutes ago, everything was so clear for me and I resonate so much that I can’t wait until the Opening. Thank you for all the shared knowledge!” (Liliana from Argentina).


“Hello. Last week I finished the Online Sessions. It took me about a week, repeating some of the videos. It was a wonderful experience. I wanted to thank you for your generosity. We will be meeting at the Opening in November most likely. I am so happy for this new path taken. Cheers”. (Andrea from Argentina).